Unite SDChain community to reach the top!Unite SDChain community to reach the top!

SDChain Battle Camps unite pricing consensus to reach SDA CNYT 2.0 pricing goal! SDChain Battle Camps unite pricing consensus to reach SDA CNYT 2.0 pricing goal!

Camp Leader / Warrior


  • Program Date: Starts November 1st, 2018 (Starting 1% Lock-up Period Reward Calculation) Ends April 30th, 2019.
  • Application Date: Apply anytime!
  • Application: On behalf of each Battle Camp, the Camp Leader applies to receive the Battle Camp’s unique public wallet address on SDChain’s Mainnet. For funding security reasons, the private keys are managed by SDChain Alliance only.
  • Game Rules: The game is made up of 8 competitions, represented by 8 pricing brackets. When the upper limit of each pricing bracket is reached, the competition declares a winning Battle Camp, and the game automatically starts the next competition. The game is over when the upper limit of the 8th pricing bracket is reached. As a rule of thumb, the Battle Camp with the most effective bracket lock-up SDA, when the upper limit of each pricing is reached, wins that specific bracket competition with 250,000 SDA Battle Prize. Battle Camps that did not win that specific bracket competition, continue to accumulate the effective bracket lock-up SDA towards the next competition. For the next competition, the previously won Battle Camp will have its effective bracket lock-up SDA reset to 0.
  • Lock-up SDA Reward: For the on-going 6-month period, all game participants will receive the monthly reward of 1% of lock-up SDA deposit, which will be calculated up to the last day of the month, paying out on the 5th of the following month. Lock-up SDA deposits that take place at times other than the 1st of every month, will receive partial rewards in proportion to the number of days for the given month. Battle Prize: All Warriors of the winning Battle Camp will receive 250,000 SDA as the Battle Prize, to be paid by SDChain in 7 working days, to each Warriors’ public wallet address, publicly traceable from each Battle Camp’s deposit transaction history. Each Warrior will receive an amount proportional to their total deposits at the winning Battle Camp.

SDA Consensus has 8 Pricing Brackets (CNYT)

※ The price is calculated based on participating SDA-mapped exchanges, with their daily average price: CoinW.me

Roles & Responsibilities

Camp Leader & Warriors: Build Battle Camp together to win competitions!

Camp Leader

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