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SDAT Exchange


Decentralized Exchange

SDAT Decentralized Exchange has 3 key world-pioneering features: transaction immutability, transparency and distributed ledger technology.These 3 features enhance transaction security for tokens traded on SDAT Exchange. These are the 9 key advantages resulting from these 3 key features:

  • Simplicity


    Create one wallet and start trading.

  • Safety


    Decentralized Exchange does not store your assets; your wallet does.

  • Open


    Each transaction is traceable on SDChain blockchain, ensuring immutability an transparency.

  • Low
    Transaction Fee

    Low Transaction Fee

    Almost free, each transaction no matter how large, only costs 0.0001 SDA gas fee.

  • Speed


    All transactions are completed within roughly 3-5 seconds, leveraging SDChain's world-class blockchain technology.

  • Convenience


    Deposit and withdraw anytime!

  • Value


    SDAT members jointly search, incubate and list valuable DIYO projects that have clear tokenomics and applications.

  • Institutional
    Investor Alliance

    Institutional Investor Alliance

    SDAT Institutional Investor Alliance is the cornerstone of our exchange's deal sourcing and capital sponsorship. Join us to learn more!

  • Shared
    Trading Depth

    Shared Trading Depth

    Soon to allow other exchange partners to license SDAT DEX Suite, to share trading depth together!

Know the SDAT exchange

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Real world utility values

Token values derive from real-world utilty. SDAT Exchange aims to work with great companies to exhibit their untapped tokenized values to SDAT Members, and allow both groups to join forces in the upcoming digital economy revolution.

  • SDChain


    SDChain, based on ISO IoT Six-Domain Model standards, develops and commercializes IoT blockchain technology. SDChain launched SDChain Mainnet 1.0 in August 2018, with real-world 5000 tps, 3-5 second transaction confirmation speed, and one of the industry’s most cost-efficient gas fee plans for users. SDAT Exchange runs on SDChain Mainnet and utilizes SDA as the exchange’s transaction fee (0.0001 SDA), wallet activation fee (0.6 SDA) and token credit fee (0.2 SDA).



    SUSDT anchors 1:1 USDT as a stablecoin, operating on SDChain Mainnet for payment convenience.

  • LTT


    LTT is a social community token operating on LaoTieTuan SNS, to facilitate SDChain co-chain promotions to enterprises, and help companies and individuals save costs (and headaches) using SDChain blockchain, conduct promotions to communities, and list on SDAT exchange. LTT, issued on ISO-standard SDChain with fast 5000 tps, and low-cost 0.0001 SDA transaction fee, also makes peer-to-peer payment and cross-chain payment a reality among communities.

  • GBC


    GBC is a social enterprise specialized in planting, growing and protecting Taiwan-native trees, such as medically valuable stout camphor trees, to save the environment. GBC is developing cloud-based big data analytics systems to quantify tree economics and ecosystem values, with blockchain. The issuance of GBC token allows planting trees to be profitable for token sponsors, and to promote social enterprise sponsorship values through tokenomics.

  • FREE


    FREE is an Airdrop operator helping projects grow on SDAT Exchange with automatic enrollment rights to receive airdrop tokens. The more FREE tokens you have, the more rewards you get!

  • SDAT


    SDAT is a membership token issued on SDAT Exchange, to build an orderly private placement guideline among members, including private placement quota allocation, due diligence period, and more to come on the SDAT membership platform. With SDAT membership, each member is grouped into their associated level with access to roadshows to discuss with new project teams; the network also automatically utilizes the blockchain info from each member’s SDAT tokens held, to fairly allocate private placement quota. SDAT members will also be able to provide projects to the rest of the SDAT membership, for due diligence and sponsorship consideration.

Partnership Opportunities

DIYODo-It-Yourself Offering

SDAT Institutional Investor AllianceSDAT Institutional Investor Alliance

  • Issue
    list your own token with SDAT Exchange

    We welcome companies with operating history to issue tokens and list with us. Your tokens will help you increase the trust among your customers and vendors, brand awareness, cashflow, and innovate your business model.

    Apply for DIYO
  • Join
    SDAT Alliance

    If you represent a VCPE fund or are a high net worth individual looking for investment opportunities, please join SDAT Alliance to explore further.

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